Kelpie History

Windrush Kelpie Stud was established in 1982 with the goal of breeding dogs capable of performing farm and ranch work in diversified livestock operations. Thorps expect their dogs to gather and drive and then be able to watch gates, keep stock off feed bunks, sort, pen, fill alleys and chutes and load livestock into trailers. This same dog must be one that is confident, strong and powerful and yet, kind to his stock - a dog that can be safely left with the livestock to do a job and not rush in to savage them when your back is turned. Finally, the dog should have the ability to calm livestock.

The first litter of top notch Kelpies was born in 1984 to Clovaville Oak and Scoriochre Emma II. Oak and Emma produced Windrush Mahogany Rose owned by Jan Wesen, Windrush Fury owned by K.J. Stewart and Windrush Dogger owned by Susan Thorp. These dogs are in the pedigrees of well-known Kelpies in the United States.

In 1988 Thorps traveled to Australia and brought back Scoriochre Jim III. Additional trips were made to Australia to learn more about the working Kelpie and to further enhance Windrush's breeding program. Later imports include Whites Scout III (1994), Whites Chocko (1988), Capree Busy (1996), Capree Ollie (2000) and Scoriochre Rip (2005).

Windrush Kelpie Stud has chosen to breed a litter when a dog is needed on the farm. Both Vern and Susan have dogs of various ages available to help them daily. Windrush is a closed stud and only breeds to those dogs that have been bred by them and to a minimal number of approved outside bitches by private treaty.