Stud and Reference Bucks

Stud Bucks

Windrush Rave Review
(Windrush Country Boy x S2 Classic Endeavor)
Photo taken by: Rachel Reilly | 30 points towards Ennoblement
Windrush Toy Story
(RM Throwback x NK Z132)
Photo taken by: Rachel Reilly

Reference Bucks

S2 Cruiser (Deceased)
(Powell/Holman 104X x S2 Bye Bye Birdie)

Photo taken by: Dr. Robert Dressler

105 points towards Ennoblement.

S2 Cruiser is multiply owned by Sisters II and Windrush Farms
Windrush Shop Talk (Deceased)
(S2 Best Pal **Ennobled** x Windrush Show Special)

81 points towards Ennoblement.

Shop Talk is owned by Davidson Livestock, but is now deceased.
S2 Best Pal **Ennobled** (Deceased)
(Powell/Holman 104X x S2 Bye Bye Birdie)

S2 Best Pal earned his Ennoblement 10/20/12.

S2 Best Pal is multiply owned by Windrush Farms and Sisters II.
S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** Sire of Merit** (Deceased)
(S2 Captin Marvel **Ennobled** x S2 Trickey's Legacy)

Photo taken by: Dr. Robert Dressler

Rocket is now officially Ennobled and has earned his Sire of Merit.

Windrush Country Boy (Deceased)
(S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** x Windrush Tequila Sunrise)

S2 War Chant **Ennobled** Sire of Merit** (Deceased)
(GHUT VO55 x S2 Farina)

Photo taken by: Lary Duncan

War Chant was officially ennobled and earned his Sire of Merit 8/20/12.
ANR 10V "Diamond" **Ennobled** (Deceased)
(TLB Jack **Ennobled** x DSM 4B49 **Ennobled**)

Diamond is now officially Ennobled.

S2 V640 "Cat" **Ennobled** (Deceased)
(TH The Big Cat **Ennobled** x S2 Dixie Trick)

Sire was Senior Grand Champion at 2007 NAILE.
2010 Grand Champion buck, Cat in the Hat is a half brother to V2 640.

from Windrush Farms.
Now owned by Bruce Handy.
Handy Boer Goats, Fremont, Iowa.
S2 Spinning Rhombus (Deceased)
(S2 Jacks or Better **Ennobled** x S2 Disco Doll **Ennobled**)

50 points toward Ennoblement.
Rhombus is a full brother to S2 Mondavi and S2 Captain Marvel **Ennobled**. Mondavi was 2007 IBGA National Grand Champion Buck.

Buck on left is S2 Spinning Rhombus
Rose Beau Geste Beau **Ennobled** (Deceased)
(NK 8 Cylinders x Schafer Farm's Stephanie)

Windrush Valentino (Deceased)
(NK8 Cylinders x Rose N11)

15 points toward Ennoblement.