Semen Catalog

Windrush Farms Semen List

Buck Name Sire Dam Birthdate Cost/Straw Multiple Straws
S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** S2 Captain Marvel **Ennobled** S2 Tricky's Legacy 4/2/07 $75/straw $600/10 straws
S2 Spinning
S2 Jacks or Better **Ennobled** S2 Disco Doll **Ennobled** 3/17/06 $50/straw $400/10 straws
S2 V640 **Ennobled** TH The Big Cat **Ennobled** S2 Dixie Trick 4/17/06 $60/straw $500/10 straws
ANR 10V **Ennobled** TLB Jack
DSM 4B49 **Ennobled** 2/27/06 $75/straw $600/10 straws
NK 8 Cylinders Rose N11 2/14/03 $50/straw $400/10 straws
Windrush Shop Talk S2 Best Pal
Windrush Show Special 10/14/11 $100/straw $600/10 straws

, located in Adel, Iowa, collected and stores Windrush Farms semen. Semen is available for pickup at Hawkeye Breeder Service, Inc. Keep in mind, you will need your own semen tank for transportation. If shipping is needed for purchased semen, please make arrangements with Hawkeye Breeders Service, Inc. Purchaser is responsible for shipping cost.