Brood and Reference Does

Full Blood Does

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S2 Disco Doll **Ennobled**
(S2 Buckaneer **Ennobled** x S2 Trickey's Delight)

Disco Doll remains in Texas at Sisters II.
Photo taken by: Dr. Bob Dressler
Windrush Dazzler
(S2 War Chant **Ennobled** x ANR Fatal Attraction)

117 points toward Ennoblement.
ANR Fatal Attraction
(TLB Jack **Ennobled** x DSM 4B49 **Ennobled**)

146 points toward Ennoblement.
Windrush Tiramisu
(ANR 10V "Diamond" **Ennobled** x PPW 7B76)

158 points toward Ennoblement.
Windrush Tequila Sunrise
(ANR 10V "Diamond" **Ennobled** x Windrush Tequila )

Full sister to Windrush Tequila slammer.
Windrush Snicker Doodle
(S2 Officer Rocker **Ennobled** x Windrush Airborn)

44 points towards Ennoblement.
Windrush Misty Valentine
(ANR 10V **Ennobled** x Windrush Valentine)

38 points towards Ennoblement.
Windrush Rockin My Valentine
(S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** x Windrush Valentine)
Windrush Rockin My Valentine
53 points towards Ennoblement.
Windrush Vested Asset **Ennobled**
(Rose Beau Geste Beau **Ennobled** x Windrush Mama Mia)

Windrush Vested Asset is now ennobled.
Windrush Uptown Lady **Ennobled**
(Rose Beau Geste Beau **Ennobled** x Windrush Lace)

Windrush Uptown Lady is offically Ennobled.
S2 Classic Endeavor
(Powell/Holman 151N x S2 Demi **Ennobled**)

48 points toward Ennoblement.

Reference Full Blood Does

Beaver Creek T261 **Ennobled** (Deceased 11/2012)
(Beaver Creek's Colt 45 **Ennobled** x Beaver Creek Boers R1)

Beaver Creek TZ61 is Ennobled.

Percentage Does

Windrush Make Me Alpha
(S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** x Boer Cross)
Windrush Make Me Alpha
205 points towards Doe of Excellence.
Windrush Tapestry **Doe of Excellence**
(Windrush Valentino x Windrush Velvet)
Windrush Tapestry has earned her Doe of Excellence 8/20/11.
Windush Jewel **Doe of Excellence**
(ANR 42V x Windrush Trinket)
Windrush Jewel earned her Doe of Excellence 9/20/13.