Boer Goats

In 2000 Thorps began researching the addition of Boer Goats to their farming operation which resulted in the purchase of ten bred Full Blood does from Rollie Rosenboom, Clifton, Illinois, in 2002. The does were Ennobled Concho granddaughters bred to NK 8 Cylinders, a NK CEO son. These does and their progeny have been the foundation for the Windrush herd. Windrush Valentino, an NK 8 Cylinder's son, was Windrush's first sire and his wethers were Grand Champion wethers at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Iowa State Fairs. A second NK 8 Cylinders' son, Ennobled Rose Beau Geste Beau, was added in April, 2005. NK 8 Cylinders' (NK CEO) continues to strongly influence Windrush genetics.

A163 A165 A135

Windrush Boers strives to raise top quality Boer Goats and continually upgrades their herd. In March, 2006, S2 Spinning Rhombus (S2 Jacks or Better **Ennobled** x S2 Disco Doll **Ennobled**) was purchased. He was Grand Champion Full Blood buck at the 2006 Iowa State Fair. Rhombus is a full brother to S2 Captain Marvel**Ennobled** and S2 Mondavi, IBGA National Champion Buck. S2 V640**Ennobled**, "Cat", (TH The Big Cat **Ennobled** x S2 Dixie Trick) was purchased in September, 2006, and ennobled in November 2009. His son, Windrush Top Cat, was Grand Champion Full Blood Buck at the 2009 Iowa State Fair. In March, 2008, S2 Officer Rocket **Ennobled** **Sire of Merit** (S2 Captain Marvel **Ennobled** x S2 Trickey's Legacy) and S2 Disco Doll **Ennobled** (S2 Buckaneer **Ennobled** x S2 Trickey's Delight) were purchased at the "End of an Era" Joint Dispersal Sale. Disco Doll remains in Texas at Sisters II. Rocket received his Ennoblement in October, 2010, through his progeny and their successes in the show ring and his Sire of Merit in July 2012. In 2009 and 2010 Rocket sired successful show wethers winning numerous grand and reserve grand championships. His wethers won the 2010 Iowa State Fair, numerous other Iowa shows and Grand and Reserve Grands in Illinois and Nebraska. Rocket has the ability to produce both show and wether goats that win. S2 War Chant **Ennobled** **Sire of Merit** (GHUT V055 **Ennobled** x S2 Farina) was acquired in partnership with Sisters II in 2009. War Chant stood in Texas at Sisters II. He died in early 2012 before his time. Windrush retains daughters from all these bucks in their herd. In 2010 S2 Best Pal **Ennobled** (Powell/Holman x S2 Bye Bye Birdie) came to Iowa. His dam and Rocket are flushmates. His sons and daughters were successfully shown in 2012 and 2013. He received his ennoblement in 2012. His flushmate brother, S2 Cruiser, is standing at Windrush Farms for the 2013 breeding season.

In May, 2006, Thorps went to Texas and purchased ANR 10V "Diamond" **Ennobled** (TLB Jack **Ennobled** x DSM 4B49 **Ennobled**), from Reeves Boer Goats. Later that year ANR 20V a full sister to ANR 10V **Ennobled** was also purchased. Two more full sisters to ANR 10V **Ennobled**, ANR Fatal Attraction and ANR Heavenly, were purchased in 2007. Sadly, "Diamond" died in late May, 2010. His legacy lives on in his October 2010 does, older daughters and full sister who remain in the herd. "Diamond" was officially ennobled in September 2011.

Healthy goats are extremely important to us. A close working relationship with our veterinarians is an important component of herd health. All new herd additions are tested for CAE and CL and isolated for seven weeks. Prior to kidding does are tested for CAE. Vaccinations are current and fecals are regularly checked. Goats are only wormed when needed in order to avoid anthelmenthic resistance. Milking ability in the doe herd is also important; consequently, any doe retained must be strong in this trait.

In 2005 Thorps became interested in pursuing the wether market. Vern and Susan are founding members of the Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association, Inc @ . Wethers will continue to be an integral part of Windrush and for sale at the Tall Corn Wether Sale in April and also off the farm.

Vern believes that wethers are an exciting youth project adaptable to small acrages permitting more people to become involved in livestock. 4H and FFA have shows at many counties for meat goat wethers as does the Iowa State Fair. A meat goat project involves lower costs than cattle, pigs or sheep.

Thorps enjoy good livestock and choose to breed a smaller number of goats. In order to continually upgrade, new animals such as those listed above are purchased from select breeders. There will always be quality goats for sale. Please feel free to inspect our herd and contact us for information or help.